Vicious Vulnerability

Words for the soul:

Cunning, deceiving, manipulative, and addictive.  A determination resulting in the neighbor of destruction.  From the inside out gut-wrenching torcher, thirsting for approval.  Pure intention of intimacy providing the return of incompletion.  Incapable of proper emotions, in a whirlwind full of different vibes. Up, down, side-to-side, beyond comprehension for what comes next.  The desire of the flesh and loss of control.  Keeps coming back like a boomerang’s revenge.  No grasp for air in the cutting of the circulation of common sense.  Simply led by the urge to that which the is the false sense of fulfillment.  Lost and longing for a touch of understanding, simply receiving the reality of a vicious vulnerability. 

As people, men, or women, we encounter a mess of emotional ups and downs.  We all seek the one thing that seems to destroy us the most, intimacy.  In disarray of confusion, decisions to follow step out of character.  Denial, anger, confusion, and more to follow, the one that seems apparent the most is pain.

No one like to feel rejected let alone hurt by the ones closest to our heart.  It seems the ones who hurt us the most have the most access to the deepest parts of our existence.  How does that happen?  The ever-changing works of complex controversy and warped worldviews only provide fuel to the inevitable inconsistency of discontentment. 

Is there a way to change the result of this behavior to avoid the pondering prescription of pain?

We all encounter some sort of hurt in our lives, but there is a way to avoid the disconnect between the understanding we have in matters of the heart.  For each reason, one tends to avoid topics of the soul.  For everything is a choice.  There comes a time when we all must make it.  Whether the choice to open or to part ways, somewhere along the line a decision is made to find sanity.

Broken hearts are easy to come by, mending them is the challenge.  Love is a greater power than us that is not self-taught.  It is learned.  Who better to teach it than the maker and bringer of love, God?  The power of love always brings us to our knees in a cry at the feet of Jesus.  Will we submit in trust to the bringer of love or have the same fear of rejection and confusion?

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