What comes to mind when you hear the term “mental health”? The padded room? Straight Jacket? Mindless Zombies? What if I told you I struggle with mental health, would you believe me?

How could I, right? I am beautiful and successful; 3.96 GPA in school for Psychology as a straight-A student. Well, guess what? Yes, me. along with so many others who are successful in life with their own stories to tell. Not all those who struggle with mental health are broke, poor, homeless, or drug addicts. Instead different levels of education and experiences or social or economic status. Some have successful sobriety. others with continued journeys healing through Trauma. Trauma, you ask? Great question. Trauma is an emotional or psychological response to a disturbing event or situation.

  • Not all events will cause trauma
  • It can be short-term (during/after an event)
  • It can be long-term (prolonged/repeated events)
  • Can be physical (body harm/injury)

Symptoms include helplessness, dissociation, lack of memory/concentration, change in worldview, denial, anger, or PTSD. Reactions to Trauma can include: shock, denial (short-term); mood swings, or flashbacks (long-term)

Grief can also be a part of Trauma, symptoms include but are not limited to Denial, Anger/Emotional Spiraling, Bargaining (HIndsight bias can be included), Depression, and Acceptance. Grief is possible after a traumatic event, not just in the loss involved in a death. More reactions include Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Faun (passive people pleasing and the need to be accepted).

Join me on a journey to shed light in the darkness to clarify the confusion and create awareness in the battle and warzone that is the mind. It will be an insight into emotional attachments and psychological addictions and an understanding of the prison of pain we create out of our own brokenness.

What else is there left to say? Feel free not to judge, criticize, or attack the struggles and triumphs of those mentioned in these illustrations who could easily be a loved one, a friend, or a neighbor. Trauma, pain, and brokenness have no preferences. Darkness and destruction linger in every corner. The navigation of life has many destinations, and no matter where we come from, there is no guarantee where we end up. For us, our journies brighten us to the same place. These are the CONFESSIONS OF THE BHT MANSION.

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