Confession: Let’s “Bring it Back”

Try to be open-minded:

 Here is a perspective swap. The radical changes of my life over the years, have taken me down a spiral of different emotions, directions, religion, doubts, and of course physical challenges of body. Nonetheless, it has been a winning battle every day I get to have life. Many people of life will have different perspectives and viewpoints, but one thing is for sure, we all have a story. My life experience has shown me that I can have at least more than one perspective when it comes to that of certain topics of life; Brokenness in particular. I have seen it both abusive and loving; life-giving and death bearing; motivational and demoralizing. Therefore, I am not a fan of being just one-sided, despite what people may think as, being a believer in Jesus Christ. No matter where we come from, pain is pain. And love is love. The decision of what happens next to them both is up to us. We can live through the lens of our pain and become bitter, or live choosing to love despite one’s flaws. All that we could ever expect from a dying world of opinions and pain that no one seems to care about. The lead topics that take our attention, yet no one is saying anything. I am not a perfect being, but I am imperfectly trying to love a world that is filled with fear and hate no matter what my beliefs are; love is what truly drives me. I may have “wretchedly” written all over me with a sting that burns to the core. 

 Look inward and be honest

But tell me something, is it the truth or even the possibility of radical love that offends people, or the pain of their past of offenses that have plagued our fathers for generations passed on by default. The mission of life? love thy neighbor, thy self, and thy God. I stand on that, not by obligation, but the choice to if NOTHING else, while in my pain, live in love for more than just…. self. The perspective of life can be many. But at the end of the day, the choices that we make shouldn’t divide us, they should unite us. I believe that we all have our part to play. Mine, the choice to live for others as I would like to be treated. And if my model is some guy once called Jesus because I like that He stood for love like I want to, then why should I be sentenced to death or crucified in the present- and modern-day slaying of misjudgment because of how people view Jesus? 

 Bring it Back

 What about Gandhi, or Mohammed? Am I not as valuable as the president or the governor? Does status determine worth? Am I not as important as those who are a prisoner of their missions fueled by unforgiveness? I mean think about it. Is my decision of a relationship with Jesus any different from the liberal, or the activist, supreme judge of governing parties, or abiding citizens of justice and their freedoms just because there are people throughout history that have created a base name for it? Should I be ridiculed or betrayed because I have a belief that has a bad rap? To me, love is that much more important than these unanswered questions. So, I have an idea. Why don’t we just try to love it out, rather than just blah, blah, blast our indifferences? I mean, a title or religion doesn’t decide for us all. We are and should always be viewed individually not as a collective. Race, Culture, Status, the list of motives for division could go on forever. Let’s try unity instead of stereotyping. Let’s try love instead of hate. Let’s give people a chance to make the choice on their own and not for what some other person’s pain may have done to us. Maybe just maybe, that could be the start of peace on earth. 

 That is how I bring it back. How will you? 

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