Part 2 of 3: Would you like a visual?

Being the oldest of a large family, I had to grow up and FAST!  I found myself with no explanation at all for why everything was my fault.  The messes, the confusions, the house flow, it was always my fault!  It was always my responsibility to get something done.  I will admit I had my share of character flaws, but there were other siblings to blame also.  Nonetheless, life lessons showed me organization and structure at an early time of my life whether correct paths, or misdirection. It also made me good at the common misconception and burnout of time; that what today’s time calls, “multi-task”

I was the leader, I was the example, and I was responsible for everything and everyone in the family.  I, I, I. I learned how to cook, clean, and care for others all before my pre-teen years.  Of course, let’s not forget, getting it wrong wasn’t an option if you didn’t want “punishment”.  Talk about a wake-up call when puberty hit.  Rough way to start, huh?  The good news for me was that Jesus came not just for my future or for my present, but my past too!  And that finish game… is STRONG!

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