Confession: Part 1 of 3 “ Religion lost its way, faith called my name.”

Let me just begin by saying this is not a “have more faith” speech, but rather, “have less religion” reminder. Reality check?  Whether we want to admit it or not, our lives are plagued by the constant need to in today’s society “catch up” to someone else in THEIR race instead of running OUR own. 

Having more money, more kids, more career moves, more faith, more, more, more.  Have we actually taken a minute to breathe the air and enjoy today, rather than worrying about the air we will have for tomorrow?  Don’t get me wrong, plans are great.  But are they OUR own intentionally devised plans, are they the plans of some sort of science experiment gone wrong in a BANG, or possibly based on “a” God’s will for our individual lives.  Are they simply our own insecurities, pride, and comparisons distorting our perception based on what we see in the lives of others?  While we are desiring the lives of others, we may as well go ahead and willingly accept their difficulties too.  Why?  Simply put, most days, we only see what people want us to see not, what really happens in private.

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