Why Confessions?

When the idea of “Confessions” came to me, I couldn’t just see it from a religious or secular perspective, but rather, the best of both worlds.  Being intellectual, creative throughout life has allowed me to develop healthy alternatives to life’s struggles, and take my personal healing experiences, and put them into words or visuals.  As far as I can remember, I have always been a writer.  What started as a simple coping tool, now manifested in how I express not only my feelings but also allowing myself to be the vessel that God uses to speak to His loved ones, US!  No matter what we believe or what we have experienced, our humanism shares a commonality.  We will ALL experience trials and challenges in this life, and we were NOT meant to walk alone.  As I prepared for this platform, I wanted to give my perspective on “Confession” to break the stigma that has been attached to religion.  1. an acknowledgment of a fact or allegation as true or proven, 2. the act of telling people something that makes you embarrassed, ashamed, or exposed.  The heart behind this blog is that, not only is there a sense of comfort in sisterhood/brotherhood, but that God would speak divinely and beautifully into both your life and my own.  Every piece was written coming from the perfect combination of spirit, love, compassion, understanding, and intimacy.  Welcome to the other side of the lies we have believed to be true throughout our lifetime,
and what it means to truly have our healing. 

This is my Personal Experience vs. Professional Explanation.

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