Part 2 of 3: Want a visual?

My favorite princess of all time is Cinderella.  The younger me loved the idea of prince charming, but as I got older Cinderella became a friend as I learned to respect her.  I know, by now, I probably sound crazy.  Step out of your “religion” and join me in a fairy-tale journey through your own life.  Ask yourself this question, “What prince or princess do I respect most?”  That’s right, this means the men too! Women aren’t the only ones with fairy tales dreams. The reason Cinderella and I connected, was not our prince charming, but rather, our unseen “Knight in Shining Armor”

On the journey of my own fairy tale ideology, The Bible showed me some things through the story of Cinderella as I matured into my own stages of woman-hood, and even some things about Prince Charming himself:

A) Her faithfulness when she had no reason to love, was led only by something greater on the inside of her.; His faithfulness for a “love” He couldn’t see, but was led by something greater inside of him.

B)  It appeared that she was insecure, and weak on the surface, but internally, a humble princess was about to rise in glory to reign alongside her prince, forever; He appeared to be of royalty, yet, humble and protective at heart.

C) She was specifically chosen with “her own” personalized, royally suited garments, tailored to perfectly fit ONLY her body by her guardian angels; His garments were of high honor and grace, in preparation to be King.

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