Part 2 of 3… Reflect: May I give you a visual?

Before you go all out and make me out to be a perfect model
(thank you, but no thank you, LOL) , or some know-it-all Christian girl,
let me give you a real image.  I come from a broken identity where self-hate
was prominent, and have the scars to prove it. Literally, all over my physical
body!  When the word beauty was brought up, I cringed at the idea of needing
to wear make-up, put on the high heels, and walk around like a trophy
everywhere; resenting the very idea. 

Your story may be similar or way worse, but what I know is, we aren’t
alone.  We all need someone to lean on, or a someone to confess our pain. 
So, read this with a peaceful heart knowing, we are brothers and sisters,
and we are knit together by the same God who says you are beautiful too! 
I grew up in home where broken discipline and anger ran rampant in
our upbringing, only leading to my future belief of beauty in
sayings like, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

In my own life, leading to the belief of not only the subjective views, but
the submission to those making the statement or declarations of beauty. 

*** My prayer for us is that we continue to relinquish the belief system
planted long ago, and allow God to use it for his good, rather than it
being a wasteland for our prolonged suffering.

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