Confession: Let’s “Bring it Back”

Try to be open-minded:  Here is a perspective swap. The radical changes of my life over the years, have taken me down a spiral of different emotions, directions, religion, doubts, and of course physical challenges of body. Nonetheless, it has been a winning battle every day I get to have life. Many people of life will have […]

Part 2 of 3: Would you like a visual?

Being the oldest of a large family, I had to grow up and FAST!  I found myself with no explanation at all for why everything was my fault.  The messes, the confusions, the house flow, it was always my fault!  It was always my responsibility to get something done.  I will admit I had my […]

Part 2 of 3: Want a visual?

My favorite princess of all time is Cinderella.  The younger me loved the idea of prince charming, but as I got older Cinderella became a friend as I learned to respect her.  I know, by now, I probably sound crazy.  Step out of your “religion” and join me in a fairy-tale journey through your own […]