“Let me give you the tour,” said Ms. Charmaine. That was the second phase after intake of what I am calling the BHT Mansion. BHT is used in this context to describe behavioral health therapy. This type of care refers to “the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions related to mental health such as substance […]


What comes to mind when you hear the term “mental health”? The padded room? Straight Jacket? Mindless Zombies? What if I told you I struggle with mental health, would you believe me? How could I, right? I am beautiful and successful; 3.96 GPA in school for Psychology as a straight-A student. Well, guess what? Yes, […]

Vicious Vulnerability

Words for the soul: Cunning, deceiving, manipulative, and addictive.  A determination resulting in the neighbor of destruction.  From the inside out gut-wrenching torcher, thirsting for approval.  Pure intention of intimacy providing the return of incompletion.  Incapable of proper emotions, in a whirlwind full of different vibes. Up, down, side-to-side, beyond comprehension for what comes next.  […]

Ok, NOT Ok!

Simple thoughts or painful realityI’m “okay” …Not! They say, “it’s ok not to be ok”. But then when everything that which was “ok” no longer is, it then presents the question, “Is it really still ok, NOT to be, ok?” We say the mediocre, mainstream things that create a false sense of trust and intimacy, […]


A WAY WITH WORDS “Golden gates, white and brighter than diamonds. Angels bowing before the Throne.  From the distance, oh what a powerful force.  Joy fills the hearts of those who long for a taste of the sweet aroma that is, the Heavens above. Oh, but wait! The parallel view of a darker, fiery of […]


“Facetious fellowship, no fueled connection. Wondering minds, conclusions abroad. Quiet whispers of curiosity and wonder. Distances shows indifferences, perspective shift. The ocean of doubt, the flood of fury, aggression to progression. Sensory gone, depth lost. Spotlight dims, compassion fades, revealing the light of darkness that lingered, the shadows waiting for the moment of entry.  Status […]


A little word written “Prison, Pain, Purpose Bondage at the mercy of pain as we bow to the infirmities that attempt to steal our purpose. The possibility of even the future, at a distance far from reach. Toxic, habitual process of thought and action. Leading to the deception of what could be potential, by our […]


Did I miss something? Is there some super-power Christians get when they choose to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ that I do not know about?  It seems like every time we turn around there is another opinion about how Christians should operate in everyday life in comparison to the term “Christian”.  I say “super-power” […]


Spoken can be confusing-here are some words: “To what is earn if not a broken soul? Constant. Instant. Never-ending. Shattered sense of understanding and value. Even still wanting to preserve the sense of integrity that sets apart the human race. Every thought captive to renew the pattern of familiarity, and life. Custom made, major fade, […]