About The Blogger

I have been blessed to have many platforms where God has been able to use me in AND out of the church; this blog being one of them. In a time where division and hate take the nation, LOVE is more important than ever. At first sight, one would think Christians are biased, hypocrites, or judgmental, and not without reason. The church has gotten a bad name for the same human tolerance that has fueled the division of today. That simple fact we all look-over due to our own false expectations; WE ARE ONLY HUMAN. My goal, is not just blogging, but serving in a way with words and actions that show one thing… LOVE. Color, race, religion, preference, we should all be able to love one another even in our differences. As for me, I wasn’t always in the church, and I NEVER forget where I came from. I was always ashamed of all the hurt I experienced, and wanted to hide from the world. As I began to love myself and heal from my pain, I realized there was also a dying world that needed to know that they too could be loved. That they can also serve a greater purpose; to make a difference. I hope that you will open your hearts to believe that even though you don’t believe in yourself or even love yourself, that God loves you and is pursuing you as He speaks through the experiences I have lived and chosen to share with you here on this blog. Here is a little piece of what heaven looks like on earth. I am living proof that it really works, and it can for you too. Welcome to Confessions From the Other Side, where you find the truth over the lies we have believed our whole lives. There is freedom, all you have to do is want it, and it’s yours. What will you choose to believe today?

What People Say

“You are Confined only by the walls you build yourself.”


Let LOVE into your heart.